Install Gambas on Arch Linux ARM

Whilst Arch Linux offers Gambas in it’s repositories, Arch Linux Arm (ALA from now on) does not. About two years ago I wrote a how-to in the GambasWiki on how to create your own packages for ALA, and thought I should perhaps also re-post it here:

Gambas 3

Compilation from source

Getting the PKGBUILD script

First of all you need a machine running traditional Arch Linux. Bring up a terminal and type:

$ sudo pacman -S abs
$ sudo abs community/gambas3

If everything went fine, you should now see something like:

==> Starting ABS sync...
receiving file list ... done

Modifying the PKGBUILD script

Now browse to ´/var/abs/community/gambas3´ and open the PKGBUILD file in a text editor of your choosing. Find the line that says:

arch=('i686' 'x86_64')

and change it to say:


Running the PKGBUILD script

Save the PKGBUILD file and copy the three files in the current folder over to a new folder in the home directory on your Raspbery Pi. Install the dependencies listed on the Arch Linux wiki site. From a terminal, cd in to that new folder you just made and run ´$ makepkg´. This will download Gambas source files, compile them (can take the whole day) and create a bunch of Gambas 3 packages that you can now install on your Raspberry Pi with:

$ sudo pacman -U *.xz

or just those you prefer with

$ sudo pacman -U package_name_of_your_choosing.tar.xz

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