The GaP-BG Project

Four books by Şerban Stănescu

Book One: The First Steps

This book gathers conveniently in one place, all the information regarding the Gambas documentation, available at the time of writing. There are also references to some books and a piece of software that helps you learn the language and get familiar, which is the most important part of the beginning.

Book Two: Best Coding Resources

After getting familiar with the language, you’ll want to test your skills and write some lines of code. While the available documentation offers some examples, it is still a work in progress and there are many undocumented aspects in the main documentation. This lack of documentation has been filled up to a certain point by the programmers in the Gambas community. This book covers exactly the resources that help you write Gambas code, studying the enclosed examples or watching the video tutorials.

Book Three: Gambas Lines of Code

After having a tour of Gambas language and the tools available, after and getting more comfortable with writing simple applications, you’ll want to move from “Which is which and how is how” to assembling a more complex application.

The third book in the series, describes an application I wrote for myself and made available to anyone interested, through Gambas Software Farm.

How To Snippets

You know, those little, tiny lines of code that tell you WHAT to do and HOW TO do it. Well this is the book, along with the program below, that will help to solve this!

Download the GaP-BG-HTSnippets program from here

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