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We’re now up and running with a WordPress site alongside the forum! We HOPE to fill this site with great material on Gambas programming, but we need your help and participation! We’re also thrilled to have installed a syntax highlighter for Gambas code for better visuality. Here’s an example (this is also coming to the forum):

Public Sub CreateBubbles()

  Dim i As Integer
  Dim NewBubble As CBubble

  'Bubbles (are fun!)
  For i = 0 To 30
    NewBubble = New CBubble
    NewBubble.X = Rnd(0, Screen.Width)
    NewBubble.Y = Rnd(Screen.Height, 2000)
    NewBubble.Size = Rnd(1, 7)
    NewBubble.Speed = Rnd(1, 5)


Stay tuned, and enjoy!

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